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Earthsick lyrics


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    Rotate your point of view
    Concrete surrounds you
    It used to be a field where we all played
    Suspend your disbelief
    This world became a thief
    To the beautiful things that flourished in your day
    That's why I say
    Stop, stop the world I said
    Stop, stop, stop the world
    Because I want to get off
    Want to get off
    Want to get off
    It's making me earthsick
    Substitute what is now for what had used to be
    Old or new, everybody's got to pick
    It's making me earthsick
    My head keeps spinning
    Progress is winning
    I don't recognize the place where I grew up
    This is no fantasy
    The ground beneath your feet
    Will soon be a store with things that you don't need
    That's why I plead
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